Basic safety instructions for using a magnetic drill

■ Do not use magnetic drills (magnetic drills) in potentially flammable or explosive environments.

■ Those who cannot safely operate the magnetic drilling machine (magnetic drilling machine) due to physical, mental or athletic ability, can only use the magnetic drilling machine (magnetic drilling machine) under the supervision or guidance of the person in charge.

■ People with heart problems or other medical implants should not use this magnetic drill (magnetic drill press).

■ The use of magnetic drills (magnetic drill presses) by children is prohibited.

■ Inspect the magnetic drill (magnetic drill) for obvious signs of damage before use. Do not operate a damaged magnetic drill (magnetic drill).

■ Before starting work, check the condition of the safety chain and the function of the switch on the magnetic drill (magnetic drill).

■ Repairs to connecting cables should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

■ Repairs to magnetic drills (magnetic drill presses) may only be carried out by authorized specialist workshops or factory customer service.

■ During the warranty period, the maintenance of the magnetic drilling machine (magnetic drilling machine) can only be carried out by the customer service authorized by the manufacturer, otherwise the warranty is invalid.

■ Defective parts can only be replaced with original spare parts. Only these components can ensure that safety requirements are met.

■ Do not leave the magnetic drill (magnetic drill) unattended during operation.

■ Store the magnetic drill (magnetic drill press) in a dry, gentle place out of the reach of children.

■ Do not let the magnetic drill (magnetic drill press) stand outside or get wet.

■ Make sure your work area is well lit (>300 lux).

■ Do not use low-power magnetic drill presses (magnetic drill presses) for heavy work.

■ Keep the magnetic drill press (magnetic drill press) clean, dry and free of grease.

■ Follow the instructions for lubricating and cooling the tool.

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