How to Troubleshoot Cayken Core Drill Problems

DK Diamond Core Drill

Here are some common errors and troubleshooting methods of cayken core drill machines.

Error Possible Cause Remedy
Generator does not work.
The power supply is blocked or the connector is loose.
Resume power supply, check all connectors and tighten.
The carbon brush is stuck, disengage the commutator.
Reinstall the carbon brush.
The leakage protector does not reset after working.
Press the reset button to restart the motor.
The leakage protector is damaged.
Replace the leakage protector.
Drilling is too slow.
The life of the drill bit is over.
Replace the drill bit.
The pressure is too small.
Increase the drilling pressure.
The surface of the drill bit is stuck with dust.
Clean the drill bit and increase the water pressure.
Rotation speed is too high.
Switch to low speed gear.
The machine cut the thick steel bar and slip.
Reduce the feed pressure and increase it after the machine passing through the steel bar.
There is chip accumulation in the hole.
Clean the bottom of the hole and pressurize.
Irregular water flow or no backflow.
Check the water inlet ball valve, and check the water flow.
Insufficient sharpness of the drill bit.
Use fire-resistant bricks or emery wheel to re-edge it.
The drill bit is stuck.
Debris is stuck between the drill core and the drill bit.
Stop the machine and use the wrench to turn the drill bit.
Debris is stuck between the drill bit and the wall of hole.
Pull out the drill bit and break the core.
The rack is not firmly fixed, causing displacement.
Reseat the rack.
The gap between the frame column and the sliding sleeve is too large.
Adjust the gap of the sliding sleeve.
The bit wall wear is rapid.
The spindle is not just.
Repair or replace the spindle.
The drill bit is not just.
Replace the drill bit.
Reinforcing bars or debris cannot be excluded from the hole.
Improve the water flow, remove the drill bit, and clean the hole.
Leaking water seal.
The skeleton seal ring is worn or aging.
Replace the skeleton seal.
The machine is running, the drill bit does not rotate.
Motor clutch is loose.
Tighten the clutch.

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