How to Troubleshoot Cayken Magnetic Drill Problems

magnetic drill

Here are some common errors and troubleshooting methods of cayken magnetic drill machines.

Error Possible Cause Remedy
The magnetic clamp does not function.
The contact of the switch is poor.
Check/Repair the switch.
The power supply is broken.
Check/Repair the power supply.
The fuse is burned out.
Replace the fuse.
The circuit board is burned out.
Replace the circuit board.
The electromagnet is short-circuited or burned out.
Repair or replace the disk.
Not adsorbed on the steel frame.
Change the adsorption surface.
The magnetic disk has been used for a long time and has been heated and leaked.
Repair or replace the magnetic disk.
The machine does not work after powering up.
The contact of the switch is poor.
Repair/Replace the switch.
Connectors are loose.
Check the connectors.
Poor contact between brush and commutator.
Repair or replace the brush.
The armature or stator coil of the electric drill is burnt out.
Replace the armature or stator.
The magnetic base suction is weak.
The suction workpiece is too thin.
Replace the adsorption surface or thicken the adsorption surface (>10mm steel sheet).
The adsorption surface is too small.
Replace adsorption surface or temporarily weld thick adsorption surface.
The support rod is not topped to the suction surface.
The magnetic base suction is weak.
The diode may be pseudo-soldered.
Reweld the diode.
The guide rail does not run after turning the handle.
The shaft key is broken.
Replace the shaft key.
The gear and rack are misaligned.
Loosen the screws under the rack and remove the guide plate for repair.
The pin on the lifting gear is broken.
Replace the pin.
Drill out the elliptical hole.
The fasteners are loosened due to the vibration of the machine.
The fasteners are loosened due to the vibration of the machine.
Bit unilateral cutting.
Regrind the bit.
There are impurities on the adsorption surface.
Eliminate impurities.
Hard to shift gears.
The machine must be turned off before changing gears. Turn the spindle with one hand and turn the shift knob with the other.
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