How to use a magnetic drilling machine

35hd magnetic drill

The Cayken Magnetic Hollow drill is a high quality drilling machine. It’s used in the most rugged manner and environment, the quality is the main selling point of the product. These powerful drilling machines stay a lot longer and in service if properly handled.

By using a magnetic drill, you’ll gain the precision and speed for drilling in tough materials when you need to drill with accuracy and consistency. Magnetic drills have a strong
electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to a carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface while turned on. Magnetic drills can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or overhead which is especially useful in construction.

How to use a magnetic drilling machine:

  1. Select the correct cutter for the material to be drilled.
  2. Select the correct ejector pin for the cutter length.
  3. Insert the cutter in the machine chuck and tighten the screws correctly.
  4. Move the machine towards the mark where the hole is to be drilled and with the help of the pilot pin locate the mark by touching the tip of the pilot pin tip over the mark.
  5. After positioning the machine on the mark where the hole is to be made, switch on the magnet switch of
    the magnetic drilling machine. Check if the magnet indicator glows GREEN. If the magnet indicator glows RED that means the magnet does not have enough material below for a perfect adhesion. In an ideal condition, the thickness of the material to be drilled must be minimum 8 mm (5/16 inches).
  6. Fill the coolant tank with lubricant. Never use the machine without lubricant.
  7. Turn ON the coolant tank knob of the magnetic drill press.
  8. You must use the internal lubrication when drilling with annular cutters and also use external lubrication when drilling above 50 mm thickness.
  9. Switch ON the motor switch of the magnetic drill press and start to drill with slow feed. Do not crash the cutter on to the material.
  10. Start to drill with a firm steady feed rate. Too slow or too fast feed rate will damage the annular cutter.
  11. Check if the lubricant is coming out. Use a lot of lubricant for good results.
  12. Putting too much pressure on the feed handle will not make drilling faster; instead, it will break the annular cutters.
  13. Drill with less pressure and steady feed for best results and longer service life of annular cutters.
  14. To prevent long chips forming you should use reverse feed when cutting deep holes.
  15. To prevent accidents, clean the work area with an appropriate cleaning tool after drilling.
  16. Perfect drilling with the above instructions will result in perfectly finished holes, in less time and with more service life of both cutter and machine.

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