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KCY-50/2QE Automatic Magnetic Base Drilling Machine

  • Fully automatic drilling and return
  • Motor stops automatically after returning
  • Humanized design
  • Lightweight, high efficiency, small size
  • Feeding speed will be adjusted automatically according to the load
  • Strong suction magnetic seat
  • Cooling and lubricating integrated device
Core drill dia(mm)


Rated voltage(v)


Rated frequency(Hz)


Rated input power(w)


No-load speed(rpm)


Max attraction(N)


Cutting Depth(mm)




Packing size(cm)


Net/Gross weight(kgs)


The magnetic base drilling machine is a portable drilling machine with an electromagnet or permanent magnet base. After energization, the electromagnet on the base of the magnetic drill generates a magnetic field, which is adsorbed on the steel. Then the motor runs at high speed to drive the drill bit to drill the steel plate or metal.

The magnetic drill relies on the adsorption force of the magnetic base to perform drilling operations from different angles. Because of its small size and high power, it is extremely efficient. The magnetic drill solves the problem of removing waste and slag from pipelines and drilling holes in steel plates. Therefore, magnetic drills are widely used in some large-scale subway construction, large-scale equipment maintenance, power plant maintenance, and pipeline engineering.

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