SCY-18/2EBM Diamond Core Drill

  • Stepless speed regulation (represented by “E”): Our machines provide smooth and continuous speed control, allowing users to adjust the drilling speed as needed.
  • Constant power and soft start: Our machines are designed to maintain consistent power output during operation, ensuring efficient drilling performance. The soft start feature helps reduce sudden jolts or jerks when starting the machine.
  • Three-speed gear regulation: Our machines offer three-speed options, allowing users to select the appropriate speed for different sizes of drill bits or drilling requirements.
  • D-shaped handle with excellent grip: The machine is equipped with a D-shaped handle, providing a comfortable and secure grip for the user during operation.
  • Lightweight and portable: Our handheld core drills are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, offering convenience and flexibility for various drilling tasks.
Brick drilling range(mm)


Concrete drilling range(mm)

~4”(~100) in drill stand

Rated voltage(V)


Rated frequency(Hz)


Rated input power(W)


No-load speed(rpm)


Cable length(m)


Borehole Depth(mm)


Net/Gross weight(kgs)


Packing size(cm)


Packing Material


SCY-18 specification

The diamond core drill machine also called the concrete drill machine is a new type of tool that can create round holes in a range of materials including concrete, brick, stone, metal, glass, etc.

Using the core drilling machine is a fast, accurate, and efficient way to drill holes in concrete and other materials.

The core drill bit’s temperature is controlled with the use of water. It can also get rid of dust during the working.

Soft-starting, constant power, over-loading protection, and stepless speed-regulation are the primary functions of the diamond core drill machine.

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